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Creation Exhibit at Rochester Cathedral

"Based on the Genesis account of creation these screens show that, whatever your view on the 'how and the when' of the beginning of our world, God was behind it all. The intense, bright colours help to show the vibrancy and joy of the created world while the story by Paul Field puts the images into the context of faith in a loving God.  Words on the final screen, "the rest", also by Paul, give us permission in this busy world to sit back and reflect on God and his creation and simply enjoy!"

[Jacqui Parkinson - artist]

I would like you to know how much your "Creation" at Exeter Cathedral has helped and inspired me.  I am going into the Cathedral as often as I can to spend some quiet time there taking in the beautiful images and the words of great encouragement.

I have even put up notes around the house proclaiming the words "Precious" and "Priceless".

After a bout of acute depression in autumn 2008, these are exactly the words that I need to hear and believe and the beautiful and colourful designs are just so wonderful.


[A Visitor]

The slideshow below shows each of the screens in order.

  • Click here to view a YouTube presentation of images of the exhibit.
  • Click here to download an explanatory leaflet.

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